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Dec 28 2017

Finding Help for Alcohol Abuse – Desert Hope

#help #with #alcohol #abuse # Finding Help for Alcohol Abuse Enjoying a beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail can be an enjoyable part of occasional social gatherings or celebrations for many people. For others, drinking may quickly get out of control and become a health issue. According to the most recent report on Behavioral Health Trends in the United States. nearly 140 million people aged 12 and up are current alcohol drinkers. Among this group: Around 43.6 percent report binge drinking, which is more than five drinks on one occasion. About 11.7 percent report heavy alcohol use (binge …

Dec 28 2017

Satellite Components

Chaparral Communications, Inc. is a global leader in providing satellite components for commercial and residential satellite reception systems. Our product line includes LNBs, LNBFs, feedhorns and satellite receivers. Our satellite products and parts are universally recognized for their durability and reliability. Our components are used in over 100 countries and we have sold over 20 million units worldwide. WideBand Circular Dual Feedhorn Chaparral’s newest high frequency feedhorn operates in the extended C-Band range of 3.60 – 4.80 GHz for reception of circular signals. Frequency Range 3.60 – 4.80 Ghz VSWR 1.29:1 Axial Ratio 2.0 dB Maximum Variation 1.5 dB Reliable …