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Jan 23 2018

AA Life – Get a Life Insurance quote – buy online

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Simple life insurance with great savings from NZ s most trusted life insurance brand

How does life insurance work? Three easy steps to be covered.

  1. Select the product that’s right for you
    Life Cover is our standard product that covers death, with an early payout for terminal illness.
  2. Select how much you need or can afford
    We have broken down cover into three levels – Clear all debts (debts and funeral), Simple provision (maintaining lifestyle and covering kids’ education), Do something extra (leaving a legacy).
  3. See if you qualify
    Most people who apply get covered. Checking if you qualify only takes a few minutes and then you’ll know if you can get life insurance.

We’re on a mission to help you save money on life insurance

On the whole, Kiwis are underinsured – and we want to do something about that. We think most people should have at least the minimum cover to guard against the worst life can throw at us. Our goal is to help you understand why life insurance is important and provide comprehensive, easy-to-get cover.

“You think it’s not going to happen, but it does. It’s a horrible enough time as it is let alone trying to pay for it.”
– Leanne Ellis

“AA Life’s policies were easy to follow, seemed pretty straightforward, and it was a good price.”
– David Bloomer

“If I found I had cancer and was dying, I’d like to do something special with the family. Create memories for the kids.”
– Sarah Gatjens

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