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Jan 9 2018

Art schools in korea

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What we do

Over the past 12 years, Artis has been physicalising the curriculum through the performing arts, providing magical learning experiences that help children to achieve and schools to raise standards. Our highly trained arts educators, known as Artis Specialists, work in schools across the country to boost achievement, improve speaking listening skills and build confidence and self-esteem. Artis sessions are simply the best in-class field trips children will ever have.

Artis is an arts education company helping 50,000 children a week achieve at school by integrating the arts throughout their learning.

Artis can be used for both Pupil Premium and PE Sport Premium. We offer CPD sessions, PPA cover, staff training and holiday workshops.

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12 School Outcomes

The education of young hearts and minds needs to be undertaken without fear or prejudice. Children need to learn that true artistic expression comes from the deepest reaches of your soul when there can be no room for the barriers and divisions of the outside world. This is how we can give children a wider palette to paint all the colours of their different moods.

Nitin Sawhney (Dhushum), Artis Adviser

My six year old daughter has been working with Splash. It has been lovely to see quite a shy little girl coming home so enthusiastic and confident about what she has been doing at school. I really believe that the performing arts are vital to a young person’s growth. The children are so lucky that the school has become involved with Artis.

Mandy Smart, Parent-Governor

Sign up immediately and just watch your children shine and grow in confidence!

Debbie Westwood, Head, Christ Church C of E Primary

The children are achieving higher standards in the speaking and listening and the confidence of the children has increased.

Clare Gardner, Head, St Williams Catholic Primary School

Splendid expert support, scaffolding towards positive learning and socialisation skills development for the children.

Bindu Rai, Principal, Krishna Avanti Primary, Harrow

Children s vocabulary was enriched and they were equipped with ideas in order to write more readily and expressively after sessions related to topic books Y4 and Y5s were studying. Y5 writing attainment and progress is now in line with the rest of the school s. Y4 writing attainment is now the highest across the school at 85%. The gender gap has closed in Y4 (-0.1) and is closing in Y5 (-3.7).

Carol Dickson, Deputy Head, Five Elms Primary School

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