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Jan 12 2018

Associate degree in education

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Online education: thousands have turned to it to improve their skills and take their careers to the next level. Whether you’re interested in earning your high school diploma, are returning to college after years in the workplace, or simply want to continue your education while working a full-time job, online degree programs and online education courses offer the flexibility and convenience that can make it possible. will connect you with the resources you need to get your education off the ground.

Get started by searching through hundreds of the top online colleges to find one that meets your interests and needs — or use our college campus search to find schools located near you. Know the city where you want to study? Our city-based local education resources will connect you with tons of useful information for students. Check out the Chicago Schools, Colleges Universities directory as an example.

Thinking of switching careers and don’t know where to start? Our What to Do Now? and Career Retraining guides can match your skills to new careers, lay out the courses you’ll need to get there, and connect you with schools that offer these programs. Additionally, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for or seek personalized advice, our online Career Guidance Counselor is here answering your questions. Get started on improving your career today.

What are the benefits of online education?

The advantages to earning a degree online are on the rise as the technologies and techniques of distance learning continue to improve. Here are a few of the benefits of online education in 2015:

  • Scheduling flexibility. Online courses allow students to view lectures and complete coursework on a schedule that still allows them to prioritize work and family responsibilities.
  • Reduced cost. While online programs aren’t always cheaper than traditional ones, many institutions charge lower tuition rates for courses in the virtual classroom.
  • Cutting-edge programs :Online schools often experiment with plans of study that may fall outside traditional degree categories but more specifically match your academic or professional goals.

What types of online education are available?

The variety of degrees available to online students continues to grow, with the number of business degrees, teaching degrees, medical technology degrees and more increasing by the year. Prospective students can find degree plans at all academic levels, from associate degrees to doctorates, and numerous non-degree certificates can be earned in both undergraduate and graduate learners.

Online courses are becoming a force in vocational training as well. Various courses like pharmacy technician. teacher certification. massage therapy. medical billing, coding and medical transcription can all be found in online formats for students looking to build their skills without committing to full-time campus-based programs. Check the directory below for more info on any of the programs listed.

Is online education as effective as classroom-based learning?

Occasionally questions are raised about whether or not students at online colleges and universities can trust their degree will have value in the workforce. Evidence has borne out, however, that institutional accreditation and thorough academic advising and career services departments can combine to produce similar results at online schools as they do on brick-and-mortar campuses.

Of course, students who choose to fully engage the material tend to get more out of the experience than those who don’t, whether they choose to attend classes online or in person. Look a little deeper into a few individual online degree programs and find out how they can contribute to a rewarding education and fulfilling career.

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