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Jan 23 2018

Bat Control

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Bat Control

Four Powerful Bat Control Techniques.

Electromagnetic High Impact (for deep inner wall repelling)

Twin Scanning Technology (TST helps ultrasonic sounds repel better)

High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds (covering 5000 Sq. Ft. open area)

Ultrasonic Variable Sounds (constantly changing ultrasonic frequencies so the pests will not become use to a single sound signal)

Test Button, adjustable Frequency Range, adjustable Pitch, adjustable Output. All of these adjustments come pre-set to repel Bats Out.

And of course a Night Light. But we here at D R Technologies LLC, like to think that the ET Pest Control is just dedicated to repelling your pest control problem and not just a decoration. Therefore, we have dedicated more time on the High Impact Repelling. This is why we believe you will get a more efficient and effective result when using the ET Pest Control.

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Bat control problems across the United States can be a major problem and in some states, killing bats is illegal. Now with the ET Pest Control you have a safe solution where nobody gets hurt or in trouble.

The New powerful ET Pest Control simply plugs into any home/business outlet. It’s safe to use around Cats. Dogs and any house hold Appliances. It uses less than five watts of power and utilizes High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds. Electromagnetic deep inner wall repelling. Ultrasonic Variable Sounds. Twin Scanning Technology and has Direct Impact Repelling Adjustments .

Well you ask yourself what is Direct IRA. Well the ET Pest Control can be set to target just Bats/Insects which will Power Out your problem we feel with a higher Repelling Demand.

Here is some simply information on what you can Adjust/Target

RANGE (ultrasonic sounds) HIGH or LOW

– HIGH: targets BATS and most Insects
– LOW: targets Rodents

While this adjustment is great there is another switch that will help keep the intense ultrasonic sounds fresh for maximum repelling.

PITCH (the way you admit the ultrasonic sounds) FIXED or VARIABLE

– FIXED: single ultrasonic sound (in this mode the ET Pest Control emits two High Impact Ultrasonic single holding sounds)
– VARIABLE: constantly moving (Squalling Ultrasonic Sounds as it climbs up and down the scale rapidly)

So we are talking about bat control and how the ET Pest Control does its job with complete domination! Here’s How:

High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds for Bat Control
ET Pest Control uses this powerful technique to cover the interiors of rooms / areas to Drive Bats Out! These sound are unheard and completely Safe for humans and most all house hold pets. By utilizing Two High Impact Speakers, these units are specially designed to repel within the hearing ranges of bat control problems and other pests. By specifically setting the Frequency Range, adjustable Pitch, and adjustable Output to target bats, you are putting all of the power into that one area where you need it most and that’s Bat Control .

These adjustment are as simple as switching up or down on a button.

All ET Pest Controls purchased from come pre-set to Target Bats Out! Also you will receive an information sheet that will help you target out your other specific pest problems as well.

Electromagnetic High Impact
Time and time again our customers have raved about the ET Pest Control. One of those reasons is that the ET units use Electromagnetic High Impact repelling as one of its key bat control abilities. The ET Pest Control uses this technology to repel deep within the walls of your homes and work environment. This repelling technique helps greatly as bats have been known to hide in walls, attics, and other unseenable places.

Once the ET Pest Control unit is plugged in, it creates a signal using the wiring in the walls and ceilings of your home. This signal is specially designed to irritate the bats nervous system to the Max! In return causing bats trouble communicating, flying, eating and totally dominating and disrupting their living environment.

There is no need to adjust anything as the Electromagnetic High Impact follows the same routine as the High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds.

Think of it this way, if you give the ET Pest Control six weeks. you’re bat control problem will be packing their bags because once plugged-in, their environment will totally be disrupted and unbearable to live in.

  1. Electromagnetic High Impact being admitted from ET Pest Control is somewhat of a force field for your home.
  2. It is the first line of defense meeting any new bat control problems trying to enter your home.
  3. For most pest and bat problems over 85% of them are in the cracks and in the walls of the home or work place and that is why we here at D R Technologies LLC. have dedicated more time to the Electromagnetic High Impact feature for maximum pest control.
  4. Another great option that we find most of our customers are pretty happy with is, when they tried to get the repeller into a specific spot. We tell our customers to use an extension cord and not only can you get your repeller properly placed but the extension cord will repel by using the electromagnetic high impact feature.

Controllable Option Ultrasonic Range

This option dedicates more power to either Rodents or BATS/Insects which in return out performs most electronic pest repellers on the market. For bat control we will have preset this option to the High Range as bats hear in the higher ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasonic Variable Sounds
The ET Pest Control uses this type of technology which constantly changes ultrasonic sounds so bats and pests cannot adjust to the annoying sounds being admitted.
The idea of Ultrasonic Variable Sound is that you will repel a wider variety of bat control problems by running up and down the scale of ultrasonic sound instead of just using one ultrasonic frequency.

Controllable Option Pitch Setting

The ET Pest Control has the option to set the Ultrasonic Sounds to a fixed pitch. This option is great for the first week of your bat control as it sends out a message to the bats to leave the area with a shocking demanding noise.
After the first week has passed you would set the ET Pest Control unit to Variable Pitch. So if some stubborn bats are not leaving, you will insure they will be as miserable as possible until they leave.

Twin Scanning Technology
The idea of Twin Scanning Technology is that it uses twin speaker positioning to help eliminate bat control problem in your home. Unlike most pest repellers, the ET Pest Control uses TST to send out ultrasonic sound frequencies that helps the repeller to repel better around obstruct objects in its way. We have found by using TST that our ET Pest Control units have repelled better by 20%.

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