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Sep 26 2017

Criminology Jobs #what #jobs #can #you #get #with #a #degree #in #sociology


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Jobs with a Criminology Degree

A criminology degree is a versatile course that enables you to have a career in the law enforcement and criminal justice fields. The great thing about criminology is that it is a very broad subject, hence allowing you to have more choices for career paths on your plate. The field of criminology encompasses a large area of studies such as psychology, political science, communications, forensics, law, sociology, anthropology, and more. Whether in the local, state, or national levels, there is a myriad of jobs with a criminology degree.

  • Forensic scientist – With the heightening of technology nowadays, a job in the forensic sciences is deemed bright. As a forensic scientist, you are to deal with crime investigations in the forensic level;that is, you study evidences based on DNA samples found in blood, hair, and other human tissue. Such jobs may vary from computer forensic experts and forensic specialists.
  • Private security – A career path in private security is another option for criminology degree holders. Private security personnel vary from being a private investigator, body guard, industrial security specialist, and private detective. This involves private and public security services.
  • Probation and parole officer – Another career option is to be parole and probation officer. This type of job works in tandem with the corrections sector in criminal justice. You may also opt for a position as a penologist – one that deals with prison management and the treatment of incarcerated individuals.
  • Law enforcer – Police officers or law enforcers may take the form of a sheriff, ranger, airport security office, security guard, drug enforcement agent, and border patrol agent. Being part of the police force enables you to have a plethora of job opportunities in the law enforcement field. Although civilians are open to join the police force, criminology degree holders have an upper hand compared to their civilian counterparts.
  • State and federal law officer – Career options for this field in criminology include being a coroner, CIA agent, postal service investigator, marshal, criminal investigator, FBI agent, and fingerprint specialist. Note that such specialized job position may need further studies, like a master’s degree or special training. However, some jobs may allow a bachelor’s degree to suffice.
  • Social worker – Although there is a separate course that focuses on social work and its licensing, criminologists may also opt to cross over the profession and take a complementing job position as a social worker. Social work positions available for criminology degree holders include being a victim service specialist, child welfare case worker, juvenile court counsellor, substance abuse counsellor, and community service coordinator.
  • Law and order – Some criminologists also cross over to a complementary field in criminology such as law. You can opt for a job as an attorney, law clerk, administrator, paralegal investigator, law librarian, and more.

There are yet still a lot of job opportunities available for criminology degree holders, whether associate’s, bachelor’s, or a master’s degree.

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