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May 18 2018

Home Systems – Appliance Warranty

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What is a 2-10 HBW Home Warranty Service Agreement?

A 2-10 HBW Home Warranty Service Agreement helps homeowners reduce the overall cost of owning a home by protecting them against unexpected system and appliance breakdowns.

This video illustrates how a home systems and appliance warranty service agreement saves homeowners money and make homes more valuable in a competitive real estate market.

What Systems and Appliances Are Covered?

Covered Systems include:

The 2-10 HBW Systems Appliances Service Agreement covers repair or replacement of home systems and appliances, including paying for both parts and labor. It goes into effect when other coverage runs out or expires, including manufacturer’s warranties or one-year workmanship coverage.

  • Plumbing
  • Furnace
  • Air Conditioner / Freon Split System
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Electrical Panel / Wiring
  • Roof
  • Plumbing

    In the most basic terms, all plumbing comes down to pipes and fixtures that bring and take water and waste where they belong. Plumbing is like the circulatory system for your house. Pipe leaks and breaks in water and waste lines are eligible for coverage, as are toilets and the clearing of mainline stoppages.


    Heaters that provide warmth through a central duct system are eligible for coverage on the Service Agreement. That can include gas, electric or oil powered central systems, as well as geothermal and water sourced systems. The thermostat, ductwork, interior gas lines are eligible too!

    Air Conditioner / Freon Split System

    Central air conditioning systems, as part of a split system or a heat pump, are eligible for coverage, as well as evaporative coolers, thermostats and ductwork. Because of the ever changing government regulations, we also offer extra coverage to ensure your system is compatible with all of the current codes. Sometimes air conditioning is offered as optional coverage, be sure to check the specific coverage in your area.

    Hot Water Heater

    Every home has a water heater, and the mechanical components within gas, electric, hydronic and propane units are eligible. We even offer coverage for tankless water heaters with no additional charge!

    Electrical Panel / Wiring

    In the modern home, keeping your systems, appliances and gadgets running are definitely a priority. We’re here to help! The wiring (including telephone), switches, outlets and doorbell system are all eligible for coverage.


    The limited roof coverage is part of the standard package in many states, and is sold as an option in other states and provides coverage for leaks in the roof material and flashing over the living area only. Coverage for the roof is also part of a homeowner’s insurance policy because it is part of the structure. To avoid a conflict in coverage, only leaks are eligible for coverage under the service agreement, any structural damage is not.

    Covered Appliances include:


    Similar to the air conditioning system that cools your home, the refrigerator uses a cooling agent moving through a compressor to refrigerate, or freeze, your food. The mechanical components that keep your groceries cool are eligible for coverage.


    Today’s ovens come in two basic types: electric or gas. An electric oven uses large coiled wires inside that heat up in order to cook the food. A gas oven works in a similar fashion, but uses a flame instead of an electric coil to heat the food. The mechanical parts and components of both gas and electric ovens are eligible for coverage. Extra items on your oven may also be eligible with Supreme coverage. Be sure to look at the Service Agreement in your state.


    Dishwashers are pretty straightforward in their operation, and all of the parts that perform the washing and drying tasks are eligible with the Standard coverage. For other items like rollers, hinges, spring and more, check out our Supreme coverage.

    Built-in Microwave

    Microwaves built-in above your range, or into the wall of your kitchen, are eligible for coverage. That includes all of the parts that actually cook the food. Extras that can be added with Supreme Protection are rotisseries and meat probes.


    The disposer under your sink, including the plumbing in and out of the unit, are eligible for coverage.

    Trash Compactor

    All of the essential elements of the trash compactor are included in the eligible items on our Standard coverage, and we’ll add the lock and key assembly and removable bucket with Supreme Protection.

    Washer & Dryer

    Clothes washers and dryers are even included in this incredibly valuable Service Agreement (sometimes as an option), even if you bring them along from your previous home! As with all of our appliance coverage, the mechanical components are eligible.

    PLEASE NOTE: Certain items and events are not covered in our home systems and appliance warranty service agreement. For specific coverages, please refer to your service agreement or contact us at 800.775.4736.

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    I have been very pleased with my decision to put my own home under 2-10 HBW’s program, even though my home is relatively new. Having a home warranty service agreement is being prepared for what might happen. Even if you never need to make the call to have something repaired you have peace of mind throughout that time frame to relax knowing the “what ifs” are covered

    We have been a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty ® customer for almost 20 years. Prior to choosing 2-10 HBW, we did our due diligence on who provided the best product for our clients coupled with the absolute best service in the business. We are proud to call 2-10 HBW a partner in our business and look forward to many more years together!

    Mark Spain, The Mark Spain Team, Keller Williams Realty


    Long Live Happy Homes

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