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Sep 18 2018

HONG KONG SOCIETY OF PALLIATIVE MEDICINE, what is palliative medicine.#What #is #palliative #medicine

what is palliative medicine

What is palliative medicine

What is palliative medicine

Department of Clinical Oncology, 1/F Professorial Block,

Queen Mary Hospital, 102 Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong.

Attention Dr Kwok Keung YUEN Tel: 22553838 E-mail: [email protected]

What is palliative medicine

Our Society was established in May 1997. The Society is an academic body of specialists in Palliative Medicine. Members consist of local medical practitioners and other health care professionals who are interested in Palliative Medicine.

What is palliative medicine

Our Society firmly believes that:

People with advanced incurable illness have a right to quality palliative care. We are committed to provide care and support to them and their families, aiming to meet different human needs – physical, psychological, social and spiritual and even extending the care into the bereavement period.

That dying is a natural process and we do not hasten death or postpone it.

What is palliative medicine

We have organized academic seminars, workshops and international conference, some in collaboration with other organizations including Hong Kong Hospice Nurses Association, Society for Promotion of Hospice Care, Training Subcommittee of Central Co-ordination Committee of Hospice Care, under Hospital Authority. The following meetings are held regularly:

Palliative Medicine Doctors’ Meeting – held bi-monthly for professionals interested in the field to share their clinical experience. A hosting unit would present a selected topic with case illustration for discussion. CME accreditations are granted by HKCP, HKCR, HKCFP and CSHK.

Hospice Multidisciplinary Meeting – held four-monthly for the multidisciplinary teams to share their experience in taking care of hospice patients and their families.

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