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May 15 2018

HVAC – AC Repair Naples

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Bruno Air

Jim Stone 11/15/16 FL

Chris and Felipe were very thorough in their regular maintenance visit for our two year old A/C unit. They cleaned and inspected the unit and suggested a minor repair which they completed. They arrived when they were supposed to, which was surprising since we were their last call of the day. They wore booties on their shoes whenever they entered our home. Both were very polite and they left the area clean. Very pleased with everything Bruno Air has done for us since we got this unit. Highly recommended!

Ian Kent 12/01/16 FL

STEPHEN the Technician was very serious about his job. He was thorough and discovered a couple of items that were outstanding from the installation date of my HVAC and Coil units, and so they were fixed at no cost to me. The suggestions he made to maintain the performance of my equipment were both helpful and not out of order. His communication skills were excellent and he went about his task swiftly and efficiently. I believe employees like STEPHEN would benefit from more empowerment to make decisions, but obviously within the remit of the Company s objectives and taking into consideration the clients satisfaction.

Jyl Pruss 11/24/16 FL

Outstanding from first call to office all through experience with Technician. This is a highly organized professional business, and I am so happy and relieved to be working with Bruno Air. Thank you so much!

Yolanda Pawlyshyn 11/15/16 FL

Darren did a great job of checking my ac system and educating me on it. I would recommend him as a solid profession in the industry.

Christina M 11/15/16 FL

Cristobol was highly professional. He was prompt, clean and courteous. He took every measure to do his work, while not causing me to have to clean up after his service call. I appreciate the high level of professionalism that Cristobol demonstrates on behalf of your company, Bruno AC. As always, the staff from Bruno AC is held in the highest regard. I would easily recommend Cristobol as an outstanding technician with Bruno AC.

Aubert Giles 10/15/16 FL

Arrived home from vacation found AC down. Called at 4;30 talked to service. Mr Bruno called me back in 1/2 hr. guaranteed a service tech. would be by in an Hour. Tech arrived in 45 min. found the problem, repaired our AC and we were back to normal by 7pm. Excellent response, knowledgeable and courteous service technician.

Carol Dlouhy 11/11/16 FL

Chris was very pleasent and knowledgable. He explained all that he needed to do. I even climbed the ladder to the attic to see if what he said I needed was true. So many times before I have been taken so I have some reservations when told extra work needs to be done. This time it was true and I did watch part of repair. I will have Bruno back again and will ask for Chris

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