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Aug 31 2017

IRS Tax Debt Attorney Help – Resolve Your Tax Problems Today #resolve #tax #problems


IRS Tax Debt ATtorney Help

  • Get Affordable Attorney Backed Tax Resolution
  • Help With IRS State Tax Levies Garnishment
  • Resolve or Release IRS State Tax Liens
  • Resolve Penalties, File Unfiled Tax Returns
  • No Huge Upfront Fees. We Investigate First.
  • A Rated BBB Member
  • Free Case Review
  • Call Now!

Why Use Tax Relief Services?

Resolving your IRS and/or State tax problems sooner rather than later is always in your best interests because tax penalties and interest are minimized. Here are some of the reasons you should use our tax resolution services:

Have over 13 years of experience in tax resolution
Pros consist of tax attorneys, former IRS agents, Enrolled Agents on staff
Free case quote / consultation with no obligation to use services
A Strong Money back guarantee
Services done by A rated Better Business Bureau (BBB) firm

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Settling Your Tax Debt for Less: Is it Possible?

It is rare for taxpayers to settle their taxes for a fraction of what is owed. However, it is possible! There are a few ways you can end up paying less than you owe:

Offer In Compromise: If you qualify, we could help you with an Offer In Compromise. With this tax solution, if your Offer is accepted, you will end up paying less than you owe. In 2012, the IRS received about 64,000 Offers and about 24,000 were accepted. That is an acceptance rate of only 37.5%.

Penalty Abatement: You may be able to abate or reduce tax penalties incurred if you have reasonable cause

Partial Payment Installment Agreement – If your assets, liabilities, and income match up you may qualify for a partial payment installment agreement, especially if an OIC didn’t work out. With this type of IA, you end up paying less in the end.

Tax Resolution Is Always Possible – There are other ways you can settle, but you can be assured that we will help you come to a resolution with the Internal Revenue Service or the State taxing authorities. Many of our clients set up Payment Plans which allow them to pay off their tax liabilities over time.



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