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Sep 7 2018

ITC – Market Analysis Tools – Product Map

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The Product Market Analysis Portal. or Product Map. consists of 72 web-based portals, each focusing on a particular industry and presenting extensive international trade data and market analysis tools specifically designed for organizations active in international trade.

Product Map gathers information for more effective international market research and business development on 72 industries ranging from agriculture machinery to cut flowers and wood products. Overall, 5,300 products (HS 6-digit) traded by over 180 countries are referenced.

Each Product Map presents:

Market positioning tools that focus on the quantitative analysis of international trade for the sector covered by the Product Map in question. Three tools (Trade Data, the Product Performance Index and Product Champions) provide extensive information to compare national macro-economic performance by country, to analyse exports and imports and to identify the products with strong international demand and supply capacity in emerging economies.

Networking tools that identify potential business partners and give exposure to potential new clients. The Storefront facilities enable subscribers to set up their own website to communicate information and a company profile or business proposals. The Business Contacts facility provides links to trade support institutions, on-line market places and trade directories, as well as companies ranging from exporters to importers and wholesalers.

Market intelligence tools that provide information and intelligence sources designed to help exporters and trade support institutions look deeper into international market trends and design better international marketing strategies. Full-text published Market Studies are available (including ITC’s Market Briefs), as well as “Smart Links” to the websites of organizations involved in market research, in quality standards, packaging, sales promotion or trade fairs. ITC’s Market News Service (MNS) and other “Price News” facilities are also available for selected sectors. A Trade Enquiry service is offered where Product Map subscribers can seek assistance from ITC on many aspects of international trade.

Users from least developed and developing countries and territories can register here. Users from developed countries and territories can register here to get a trial access of one week to the tools in order to assess the application.

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