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Nov 12 2017

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Magento Website Development

we bring you a robust suite of consulting services that covers all areas of Magento.

In today’s world the best place to sell your product is online market, where you can get large volume of the customer in comparison to the traditional way.

To satisfy or fulfill the increasing demand or ambitions of the clients where you need to develop that store which should be available worldwide. better visibility, large customer volume, integration of the system, to run multiple overlapping solution, etc. then you need to grab the better option among all.

Here comes Magento, a framework which help us to develop or improve the overall look and browsing of the website as per the user needs and requirements, which will intend to increase the sales.Magento community edition is little bit easy to use and comply but if you are planning for enterprise level then using Magento enterprise edition, need some extra expertise, and Magneto comes at top among all.

We specialize in almost all aspects of the Magento platform, from development to maintenance, customization to extension customization and whatnot. With our extensive experience in the eCommerce industry,

Make your Store User Friendly

What will be the case if I change the scope in between the development?

If there is any change you want to be implemented in deployed product then we can plan the change request with the specified cost but rather than doing this we recommend to have the scope of the application clear at the beginning of application development process.

Do you also provide your services after the delivery of project?

Yes, we do. We have various support & maintenance packages which you can choose as per your business requirement. Contact us for better understanding.

What security policy yoWhat methodology do you use for the development?u follow?

We follow agile methodology but each project is different in itself and may require separate assistance and procedure to follow. Many steps are common in nature i.e. data gathering, requirement analysis, prototyping, design and development and testing. As per the project requirements and scope the steps could added or skipped.

What security policy you follow?

We understand that the idea is the most important asset of any organization and we here at Magneto care for it. Hence to comply with customer turmoil we sign NDA and take all security measures toprotect the project information. Other than that a strict mandate to each employee to adhere with the companies security policies to protect client data.

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