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Aug 6 2017

Nursing Programs at West Coast University #bs #in #nursing, #bsn #program, #bachelor #of #nursing #degree


Bachelor Science in Nursing

WCU Advantages

Our student-centric” philosophy offers you several advantages:

  • Classes available when you need them once you re assigned a start date, you won t have to worry about wait lists or lotteries to get the classes you need*.
  • Multiple starts throughout the year classes begin every 10 weeks.
  • Gain real-life experience at WCU in our dynamic Simulation Center from routine events to crisis situations learn the nursing process and enhance your critical thinking skills.
  • Develop hands-on experience at one of our 300 clinical sites with actual patients.
  • Graduate in as little as 39 months. Our concentrated curriculum will help you stay on track with your career goals.
  • Ongoing career support with WCU Career Services and Contemporary Forums . Our graduates enjoy generous discounts and other benefits for continuing education it s just another way we help you build your career.
  • Scholarships available accepting applications for both merit-based and needs-based scholarships see what you might qualify for.

Clinical Experience

WCU students have a broad set of options for clinical placement.

Where you earn your degree and where you do your clinical rotations can make a real difference. West Coast University isn t tied to one particular hospital, we have 300 clinical partners nationwide, so we re able to draw on a much more diverse set of site options in assigning your clinical placement.

West Coast University offers a variety of ways for BSN students to make a difference in the community, while they learn. From community health events like Care Harbor LA and on-site assistance at Centennial High School s Clinic. to providing aid to patients at home and abroad you ll have the opportunity to make a difference from day one.

Learn more about WCU community support at our philanthropic website,

Support Beyond Graduation

West Coast University supports its students beyond the last day of class. We are committed to helping our graduates throughout their careers.

Through our Career Service Department , we provide ongoing assistance with professional and career development through workshops and guidance for our students and graduates. We partner with industry professionals and enhance the prospects for securing employment and obtaining professional success.

Since healthcare professionals are life-long learners, WCU assists its graduates by providing them ongoing discounted CEs and a complimentary membership to our partner company, Contemporary Forums .

Challenge/Advanced Placement for Military Personnel

Individuals who have held Military Health Care Training may be eligible to receive credit for previous education training.

*Students that have been conditionally accepted will be required to meet all admission requirements in order to advance into Nursing core courses. All students must progress normally and successfully pass their courses in order to advance into Nursing core courses. Students should review their program specific requirements located in the University Catalog for more information.

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