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Sep 18 2017

Online Social Work Degree Guide: BSW, MSW & PhD, jobs with a degree in social


  • Jobs with a degree in social work
  • Jobs with a degree in social work
  • Jobs with a degree in social work

Jobs with a degree in social work

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Jobs with a degree in social work

Accredited Online BSW, MSW, & More

Welcome to a resource for educational programs in the social work profession. Our blog is maintained by Amanda Body, a licensed social worker, who frequently posts on topics related to the field. We started the site to help answer commonly asked questions about online social work degrees, such as:

What are the educational requirements for a social worker?

When looking for programs, it s important to keep a few factors in mind:

  • Is the program accredited?
  • Will the program prepare you for licensure and other exams?
  • Does the program offer online or hybrid courses for working and non-traditional students?

Below we ve listed popular accredited programs in social work that meet these factors:

Jobs with a degree in social work

Our Lady of the Lake University

Jobs with a degree in social work

University of Southern California

Jobs with a degree in social work

Jobs with a degree in social work

Where do social workers find employment?

Once you ve earned your degree, it s time to start putting your philanthropic energy into action. Jobs in this field provide an enormous about of personal fulfillment. Below are career options in the field with related descriptions and career profiles:

How do I complete fieldwork hours if I take classes online?

Fieldwork is an important component of social work education. It gives students the opportunity to practice their skills in a supervised environment. Online programs can still give social work students opportunities to complete fieldwork hours.

In order to ensure an online program properly addresses fieldwork, make sure to consult an academic adviser on the following criteria:

  1. Does the school provide local placement coordination in the areas where students live?
  2. Are placements monitored and properly documented by the school or department chair?
  3. Can I complete my fieldwork at my current place of employment?
  4. Will I be assigned a fieldwork advisor to help with placement and instruction?
  5. Does the program allow me to fulfill my hours after work or on the weekends?

What are the steps to obtaining licensure as a social worker?

Obtaining licensure is an important part of fulfilling the social work career requirements. The following table offers helpful information on licensure requirements.

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