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Sep 7 2018

Pet Hospice – At Home Euthanasia – Paws at Peace, pet hospice.#Pet #hospice

Pet Hospice, Senior and End of Life Care

Pet Hospice DFW metroplex

We understand how difficult it can be to have a pet in pain or discomfort. When they hurt, we hurt. It’s important to have someone who cares, and is experience in giving aid during those trying times.

Paws at Peace Pet Hospice is owned and operated by veterinarian, Dr. Kim Simpson. After many years in a private practice Kim realized there had to be a better way to help our friends at the time when they need us most. Watching and experiencing the emotional roller coaster that comes with the decline of a beloved pet inspired her to help make the transition process peaceful, and more comfortable for all the family members. She understands you need to feel free to grieve and express you emotions without the public participating or having to worry about driving home after the loss of a family pet. y coming to the family home, more personal time and attention is given and unnecessary stress to the pet is eliminated. In a private, familiar setting you can better consider the options, get personalized answers to your question and express you concerns. This is often not possible in crowded or public clinical settings. After all, decisions concerning a pet’s transition are too crucial to rush.

Dr. Simpson comes to you in your home with Paws at Peace Pet Hospice.


Pet hospice

The compassion and caring was greatly appreciated. I will never be able to thank you enough. Kay S.

The loss of my almost 16 year old Maine Coon, Hoss, was almost more than I could bear. To be able to help him cross the bridge from his own backyard, no cars, no clinics, was the most beautiful gift to me at this devastating time. Dr. Simpson gently entered the yard and with the utmost of discretion and kindness, guided us though this painful time with quiet dignity and peace. I cannot imagine ever doing this most difficult of pet owner responsibilities any other way again. Thank You, Dr. Simpson, for offering the most beautiful service I could have envisioned for those of us who decide to care for our little borrowed angels. I am beyond grateful.

Pet hospice

Pet hospice

Pet hospice

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