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Dec 28 2017

Satellite Components

Chaparral Communications, Inc. is a global leader in providing satellite components for commercial and residential satellite reception systems. Our product line includes LNBs, LNBFs, feedhorns and satellite receivers. Our satellite products and parts are universally recognized for their durability and reliability.

Our components are used in over 100 countries and we have sold over 20 million units worldwide.

WideBand Circular Dual Feedhorn

Chaparral’s newest high frequency feedhorn operates in the extended C-Band range of 3.60 – 4.80 GHz for reception of circular signals.

  • Frequency Range 3.60 – 4.80 Ghz
  • VSWR 1.29:1
  • Axial Ratio 2.0 dB
  • Maximum Variation 1.5 dB

Reliable LNBs

We Manufacture A Full Line of LNBs For Reception Of Satellite Television Including:

  • Twin LNBs
  • Quad LNBs
  • C-Band LNBs
  • Ku-Band LNBs

Our LNBs are known for their reliability & durability under extreme conditions.


Chaparral has a variety of Feedhorns for both commercial and residential applications. Our Feedhorns are made with pride in the USA and are known for their durable construction.

  • Ku-Band Feedhorns
  • C-Band Feedhorns

See why we have sold more than 20 million Feedhorns worldwide.


Chaparral LNBFs are chosen worldwide for their high performance and reliability. Each LNBF is designed to provide the exact gain needed for a specific satellite system.

One Cable Solution LNBF

Chaparral Introduces it’s patented One Cable Solution LNBF. The Chaparral One Cable Solution (OCS) is a unique LNBF that is designed to take the place of all other Universal LNBFs. Using a splitter, one can economically attach 10 or more satellite receivers to the low cost OCS


Chaparral LNBs are designed to withstand harsh environments with flawless performance. All LNBs are subjected to rigid quality control standards, ensuring you will receive the highest quality for your money. LNBs are backed by a 2 year factory warranty. We manufacturer C-Band and Ku-band LNBs which are compatible with most common feedhorns.


Chaparral LNBFs are chosen worldwide for their high performance and reliability. Each LNBF is designed to provide the exact gain needed for a specific satellite system. All LNBFs feature low noise figures, low phase noise, and excellent Cros Pol Isolation. Each LNBF features a weather resistant enclosure to keep out the worst of the elements.


Chaparral has a variety of feedhorns to meet your commercial or residential needs, including C-band, Ku-band, and C/Ku band feedhorns. Each feedhorn is made with pride in the United States, and as with all Chaparral products, our feedhorns must meet rigid quality standards before they leave the factory.

Chaparral Communications | Celebrating 30 years Of Providing Uncompromising Quality Satellite Products

Chaparral is a leading provider of products used in commercial and residential satellite reception systems worldwide. Chaparral is recognized for its quality products, innovative designs, responsive customer service, and leadership in the satellite reception system industry. The primary product lines include Chaparral s traditional Direct-To-Home (DTH) products as well as the new commercial line of products. Chaparral s products are designed, developed, marketed, and distributed worldwide from its headquarters in San Jose, California. Chaparral manufactures its products in the United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan.

Recently, Chaparral Communications marked its 30th Anniversary producing quality satellite components. During those three decades, we ve sold over 20 million products worldwide. Join the over one million satellite viewers that rely on Chaparral to stay connected to the world.

Buy Direct and Save!
Chaparral now sells it s rugged, reliable satellite components direct to consumers. Purchase the same equipment that is used throughout the globe for long-lasting consistent satellite connections.

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