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May 18 2018

Simplified Issue Life Insurance – Quick Life Insurance Quotes

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Life insurance fraud is a black eye on both life insurance companies and life insurance customers. Both parties have been guilty of life insurance fraud and will be again especially since, sadly, fraud seems to be on the rise according to most statistical measures. Research by the non-profit The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud concludes that life insurance fraud committed by all parties costs an average household $1650 per year and increases life insurance premiums by 25%. Life insurers [ ]

Secret #1: Don t spend too much time on a life insurance quote. Do not be fooled by the low price quotes you get online they don t apply to you unless you are extremely healthy. Statistically only 10% of people who apply actually get the lowest priced policy. The premium you end up paying has nothing to do with the initial quote you get online or from an agent. It is amazing to me how often I [ ]

More and more people in the UK are buying life insurance online and the numbers seem to be doubling every two years. The reasons are clear. Prices are lower on the Internet and life insurance is fundamentally a simple insurance product. Despite the underlying simplicity of life insurance, most web sites channel their online clients through a telephone based help and advice service manned by experienced personnel. They represent your safety net so if a little technical [ ]

A well-known adage says: Money saved is money earned . Saving money by investing on life insurance has become a rage these days amongst all sections of the society. According to a recent media poll, most senior citizens like investing on life insurance in order to save money form being wasted. In this age of information technology consumer has really emerged as the uncrowned king of every business activity. With a little bit of precision and proper market [ ]

Having life insurance is essential especially if you have children and a family who are dependant on you. While it would be hard enough for them to come to terms with the death of their loved one, they would also have the added worry about how to cope financially. A recent survey has however shown that a staggering third of all people who pay out for life insurance pay far too much for their premium. There are [ ]

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