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Jul 4 2018

SNMP Monitoring Tools

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SNMP Monitoring Tools

We’ve collected a list of available network and server monitoring tools that support SNMP to help you find the right software for your purposes. Want to suggest an addition? Send mail to. Include a link to the product and a bit of information about what it does.

NetCrunch Tools – Free network toolkit featuring SNMP Scanner, Ping, Traceroute, Wake OnLAN, DNS Info, Who Is, Ping Scanner, and more.

AKIPS Network Monitor – Scalable Ping/SNMP network monitoring system. Supports IPv4/v6, SNMPv1/v2/v3 MD5/SHA/DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256, Traps, syslog, Netflow. Free version with 2 day history.

FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor – Monitors switches, routers, servers and other network devices at multiple remote sites all through one web-based console. Commerical. Starts at $995.

JSNMPWalker – JSNMPWalker is a Java based application to run multiple SNMP commands simultaneously and display the results, which can be optionally saved into a file. IPv4 and IPv6, SNMP 1, 2c, 3 supported. Open source. Free.

The Dude – Automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems. Free.

SNMP Tools – Software package contains tools for querying and monitoring unlimited number of SNMP devices.

XRatel Performance Suite – XRatel Performance Suite is a complete system monitoring solution, covering networks, computer servers and workstations. Price upon request.

HP OpenView / HP Software and Solutions – A suite of software applications which allow large-scale system and network management of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

SNMPc – A secure distributed network management system which delivers real-time monitoring for an entire network infrastructure. Monitors SNMP devices, WAN Links, Servers and Applications. Supports SNMP v1, v2c and secure SNMP v3. Starts at $4795 USD.

OpManager – A complete, end-to-end Network & IT infrastructure monitoring platform that offers fault and performance management across WAN, VoIP services, network devices, servers, etc. Starts at $995 USD.

Chroniker SNMPwatch – Monitors any SNMP enabled device with real time and historical reporting, notification, diagnosis and summary of reports. No published pricing, call vendor.

SysUpTime Network Monitor – Can monitor the availability and performance of Windows and Linux/UNIX servers, workstations, software applications (SQL, Exchange, Web Servers, etc), and network devices (routers, switches, etc). Starts at $750 USD.

Monitor one – Monitoring station for SNMP enabled networks that helps manage and control network aspects. Can monitor Uptime, bandwidth, performance, utilization and network traffic of leased lines, routers, firewalls, servers, managed switches, etc. Starts at $450 USD.

LoriotPro – Scalable SNMP manager and network monitoring solution which enables availability and performance control of networks, systems and smart infrastructures. Free edition available, licenses start at 500 euros.

WhatsUp Gold – Complete set of web-based SNMP network tools to simplify configuration and management. MIBs can be imported to monitor any SNMP enabled system, device or OS using AutoMIB technology. Starts at $995 USD.

PRTG Network Monitor – Ensures the availability of network components while also measuring traffic and usage. Saves costs by avoiding outages, optimizing connections, saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs). Starts at $295.00 USD

ipMonitor – An affordable, entry-level solution for network monitoring that is easy to use. Quickly discovers IP-based network devices and automatically recommends settings for each device. Free 21-day evaluation. Starts at $1495 USD.

NimBUS for SNMP Monitoring – Provides polling for V1, V2c, and V3 SNMP MIB objects. Listens for unsolicited SNMP traps and converts trap messages to the NimBUS alert format. Equipped with a SNMP “sniffer” for realtime trap analysis. No published pricing, call vendor.

MRTG – Monitors SNMP network devices and produces graphs showing how much traffic has passed through each interface. Free. Open Source.

Bytemon – A network and resource performance monitoring application, intended to give administrators real-time information about the condition of networks and servers. Collects data to provide historical data and charts for reporting, resource planning and other administrative purposes. Starts at $129 USD.

Intellipool Network Monitor – System for agentless server monitoring, alerting and reporting of a large selection of operating systems and SNMP capable devices. Starts at 189 euros.

Nagios – Open source enterprise-class monitoring solution that is scalable and extensible. Monitors Windows, Linux/Unix, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Printers, Services, Applications and more. Open source. Free.

IPHost Network Monitor – Network and server monitoring tool that allows availability and performance monitoring of mail, db and other servers, web sites and applications, various network resources and equipment using SNMP (on UNIX/Linux/Mac) and WMI (on Windows), HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ODBC, PING, etc. Pricing at $250 per license.

Servers Alive – End-to-end network monitoring tool running on Windows 2000/2003/XP. Works agentlessly and across operating systems. Alerts can be sent to teams or persons, that way you can adapt the address to which the alert is sent based on the person’s schedule. Starts at 299 euros.

IPSentry – Feature rich network monitoring suite. Supports multi-component systems co-mingled with weighted value failure triggers and dependency based infrastructure monitoring. Starts at $129 USD.

PA Server Monitor – PA Server Monitor is a Windows service that monitors the health and availability of Windows servers, network services (on Windows, Linux and other operating systems), and devices across the network. Starts at $349 USD.

OmniCenter – Monitoring, alerting, and reporting appliance which provides easy-to-deploy application, network, and systems management. No published pricing, call vendor.

SNMP Informant – Windows SNMP agents to help monitor the performance and configuration of your Windows infrastructure. Provides in-depth Windows performance and configuration data. Starts at $75 USD per license.

Spiceworks – Spiceworks is free network management software and help desk software designed for networks with up to 1,000 devices. Supports SNMP monitoring.

Have a suggestion for something to add? Send mail to. Include a link to the product and a bit of information about what it does. Note that this is a listing of products only. does not recommend or endorse any of the listed products.

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