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Jul 4 2018

Social Studies Strands Meredith Dille Suzanne Rummel ED Seventh Grade Social Studies

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Social Studies Strands Meredith Dille Suzanne Rummel ED 608.01 Seventh Grade Social Studies.

2 Table of Contents American Heritage People in Societies World Interaction Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Democratic Process Decision Making and Resources

3 American Heritage Activities Study societies/cultures Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America Compare and Contrast the code of Hammurabi, Koran, Edict of Milan, and Magna Carta Identify significant historical developments and explain their importance in Egyptian culture

4 American Heritage Activities Identify elements of cultures through 1490 that have impacted today’s culture Examine selected pre-Colombian Native American civilizations and determine their political, social, and economic structures

5 American Heritage Websites c.html c.html

6 People In Societies Activities Give information about three different cultures and identify common characteristics as well as differences Determine examples of contacts between different cultures through 1490 and discuss the consequences of those cultures Trace and compare the development of cultures prehistory to 1490 with regard to a) art and literature b) governments c) philosophical and religious ideas

7 People In Societies Activities Describe the structure of the Roman Republic and the ways it changed Compare the roles of women in various societies around the world and at different times throughout history

8 People In Societies Websites orz/index1.html orz/index1.html ml ml 0/egypt/start.html 0/egypt/start.html xplorer.htm xplorer.htm

9 World Interactions Activities Interpret information about places from a variety of resources, maps, globes, atlases, almanacs, newspapers Discuss ways in which people trade cultural characteristics Identify ways that countries are linked by transportation and describe patterns of trade

10 World Interactions Activities Describe examples of civilizations in various parts of the world that exercised great influence in their region Site examples of interdependence between regions

11 World Interactions Websites m/socialstd/grade3/Silk_Route.html m/socialstd/grade3/Silk_Route.html an/l000008. an/l000008 sources/ngo/maps sources/ngo/maps

12 Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Activities Cite historical examples of citizen participation in government Acquire, interpret, and analyze information regarding civic issues Differentiate between claims and conclusions

13 Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Activities Draw conclusions by reading and interpreting data presented in charts and graphs Identify and weigh alternative viewpoints based on whether the supporting information can be demonstrated or verified

14 Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Websites x.html x.html s/8thp9.html s/8thp9.html ection1.htm ection1.htm R45045.HTM R45045.HTM

15 Democratic Processes Activities Discuss historical examples of monarchal, democratic, and dictatorial types of government Trace the development of democratic ideas and individual rights in selected societies Explain the importance of individual rights in a free society

16 Democratic Processes Activities Discuss how policies and actions of government can protect individual rights and freedoms Contrast political freedoms in different socities

17 Democratic Processes Websites php?standard=1066 php?standard=1066 ulumdesigner/pubcurrguides/Parents/SS/CR455 16.HTM ulumdesigner/pubcurrguides/Parents/SS/CR455 16.HTM 2.htm 2.htm php?standard=1065 php?standard=1065

18 Decision Making and Resources Activities Describe why trade between nations is more complicated than trade within a single nation Identify barriers to trade and speculate about benefits and losses when barriers exist Discuss how countries address problems presented by the uneven distributions of resources

19 Decision Making and Resources Activities Cite historical examples of regions or nations depending on trade with other regions or nations for particular goods and services Compare and contrast different currencies, price systems, rules, standards, and national goals

20 Decision Making and Resources Websites preface.htm entable1.htm ry.html _ss/library/grade7.htm

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