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Jun 13 2017

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# (Last partial update April 20, 2017) 1. In countries in which VAT is charged at a number of different rates, the rate in the table is the highest rate. 2. The rates in the Table do not include Local tax, if it exists. 3. Social security rates are the highest rates. Unlike income tax social security contributions are generally imposed on income up to a ceiling. Tax and Business News 2017 China Credit Rating Downgrade Moody’s credit rating agency downgraded on May 24, 2017 China’s credit rating by one step, from Aa3 to Ai. China’s outlook was raised from …

Jun 13 2017

How to Write an Email to Customer Service (with Sample Emails) #telephone #answer #service

# How to Write an Email to Customer Service When it comes to sending an email to customer service, some people may feel stuck. How do you craft these letters in email form, since they used to be done on paper? What kind of conventions or protocols apply to a customer service request? Although this differs by industry, region, and culture, there are some common guidelines for making sure that your customer service emails are effective. Steps Edit Part One of Three: Reviewing the Website Edit Look for an answer. Before you sit down to write an email to the …