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Oct 11 2017

The Best Web-Based Email Services #best #web #based #email


The Best Web-Based Email Services

Despite the rise of social networking, you still need an email account. Luckily, your options are getting better and better.

  • August 29, 2012 8:00AM EST
  • August 29, 2012
  • Yes, you can send your pals a message in Facebook, and you can get to them more immediately with an SMS, iMessage, twitter DM, or instant message, but there are still plenty of usage cases that call for a good-old-fashioned email account. Just try signing up for any Web service without one. We scrutinized the five leading Web-based email services here. In descending order of U.S. popularity, they are: Yahoo Mail, Google Gmail, Hotmail (now in its new form), Aol Mail, and In many ways, any of these will serve you well, but there are still noteworthy differences.

    The webmail space has recently been shaken up with the introduction of, which offers the cleanest, fastest and yet feature-complete Web-based email service to date. The service is still technically in preview, but since July 31, the public has been able to create email addresses, and, as of August 15, over 10 million people had already done so.

    Google’s Gmail, in its eighth year of existence, has for a while been considered by many to be the cool email address to have, despite the search giant’s scanning of all your email contents to serve you targeted ads and its busy, spreadsheet-like interface. What drove people to the new service were its at-the-time huge 1GB storage allowance, conversation view, and improved spam reduction. But despite its provenance from much maligned Microsoft, exceeds Gmail in pretty much every department without the need for scanning your mail for ad targeting.

    And isn’t the only movement we’re seeing in the Web-based email arena: old-timer Aol Mail (of “You’ve got mail!” fame) recently underwent a major overhaul, giving it a fresh, modern look and speedy operation. Though U.S. leader Yahoo Mail hasn’t been majorly revamped in the last year, it’s benefitted from several incremental enhancements, such as its cool, new Photos app, which lets you call up any photo you’ve sent or received over the whole life of your account.

    With all these changes, it may well be time to re-evaluate your email provider. To guide you in this decision, and to get a deeper look at your options for Web-based email services, click through into the in-depth reviews below.


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