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Jan 14 2018

Wind Turbines Facts, how do wind turbines work.#How #do #wind #turbines #work

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As the use of renewable energy sources is fast-approaching a necessity, as non-renewable, traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and gas are running out and becoming very expensive, the focus turns to wind farms. Wind turbines are not only good for the environment but they effectively generate free electricity. After the cost of their build and installation is recouped, they produce great amounts of electricity and it s why we are seeing so many more wind turbines. A wind turbines fact that many people don t realize is that their blades are attached to a magnetic rotor, so once it starts to spin from the wind, it continues as the magnets are at polar opposites so it continues to spin even when the wind dies down.

Another wind turbines fact is that they can be used on the vertical or horizontal axis. We re used to seeing vertical ones in the sea and on open-plains, but horizontal ones are used when vertical ones cannot. The electromagnetic induction speeds up the process and helps generate electrical energy as well, so as a wind turbines fact you know that the energy generated is from magnets as well as wind power.

One of the downsides that people realised when using wind turbines was that the wind is irregular. It blows strongly and other times it s calm. This is why the magnets are used to continue the energy generation process. Many people don t know the wind turbines fact about their lack of pollution. Although they are very large and costly to build they are in actual fact, pollution free. They do not affect TV signals and help decrease the carbon footprint we have in the UK.

Cheaper Energy is Available from Wind Turbines – Fact!

Wind does not cost anything. It s free and we have plenty of it in the UK. In fact, the North Sea is a great place for wind turbines to be used as they can generate more energy from being out in the open. They can channel energy through to the mainland and be used by the National Grid to help reduce the reliance on non-renewable energy sources. As a nation, we use too much oil, coal and gas to power our homes, businesses and industries. Using wind power is much more beneficial to the environment and cheaper too.

Another wind turbines fact is that they might cost a large sum of money to construct but compared to a power plant that uses coal or oil, it s far cheaper. The resultant energy that is created is greener and it s more affordable. As we see more and more energy rises and taxes, we need to start looking at more ways of generating electricity. Wind, solar and wave power is very much where our future sources of electricity come from and will eventually be the only source. We need to start looking after our planet as we have created so much damage since the Industrial Revolution that it s time to start protecting the Earth for future generations.

With unlimited wind supply, we can generate more and more electricity to cover a nation and other nations too. With more reliance on building wind farms, we will soon see wind turbines all over the world. As a wind turbines fact, we can harness the power from unlimited amounts of wind and their greenness so that we can enjoy a more stable environment, steady prices for electricity generation and stop paying such high prices for our energy.

Here is a wind turbines fact you probably don t know. Using turbines to generate power has been used for more than 1,800 years and was first seen in Persia (today s Iran). With more and more technological advancements being seen from the major suppliers and creators of wind power, the USA and Germany, we can use the technology for our own gain. More wind farms will be seen, less carbon emissions should mean that the environment will start to rebuild itself and regain composure after the effects of non-renewable energy sources cause so many problems.

Another wind turbines fact is that if you have a personal turbine for your home, you can generate your own power from nature. You home can run off it and if you have surplus you re entitled to sell it back to the National Grid for a profit. This means that if you start to create green energy from wind, solar or water power, you can monitor how much your home uses and then sell whatever is left back to the Grid. This is fantastic news for those that build their own green or energy efficient homes and want to recoup some of the costs back. You can also retrofit a wind turbine to your home and use free electricity. While the cost of installation is still fairly high, the profits that you will make once it s paid off are more than worth it.

When you are looking for a wind turbines fact, you simply have to think about how much non-renewable energy you use right now and switch it to something greener, cleaner and more importantly, cheaper! With government incentives, you can even get grants and money off incorporating green energy supply into your home. This is yet more reason to start to use environmentally-friendly energy and stop using coal, oil and gas, which is not only expensive but it s horrendously damaging to the world we live in.

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